Frequently Asked Questions

What is OrderEx?

OrderEx is a unique food ordering solution that restaurants use to improve their diner’s experience and facilitate contactless payment.

How do I pay the restaurant for my food?

When you are finished with your meal, simply select Pay Now from your food cart. Your payment from registration will be the default or you can edit this while you are checking out. Don’t forget to tip your server 🙂

Can I split my payment?

Yes! During check out, you will have the option to split your check. This will allow you to specify the amount to be split and send a pay link via text message to the person or people you are splitting with.

Does OrderEx offer a mobile website?

No. In order to facilitate the highest quality user experience, we created custom iOS and Android apps.

Does OrderEx save my credit card?

No. For security we do not save your credit card information. It is stored in our credit card processor’s servers (Stripe) that are Level 1 PCI Compliant. Stripe sends us a unique token that corresponds to your card, so you do not have to re-enter your card each time you order. This is a security measure that prevents storage of any credit card data on our servers in case we are hacked.

Does OrderEx sell my data?

No. OrderEx will never sell your personal data. We do analyze our user’s purchasing in order to improve your user experience and will implement personalized menu experiences.

How do I dispute a charge?

If you had a bad experience or think you were charged for something incorrectly, please call our office during normal business hours at (TBD) or email us at (TBD) and we will resolve your dispute.